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About Img World

IMG world Dubai is an amazing indoor amusement park located in Dubai UAE. This amazing indoor park is divided into four epic zones which include Marvel, Lost Valley, Cartoon Network and Img Boulevard. This is the NO.1 Destination for visiting with your family and friends.
So, let’s tell you more about this amazing place.

Marvel Zone

Experience the thrill of being an avenger. Enter the dimensional plane and unleash your inner Asgardian in “Thor Thunder spin”, suit up as an avenger Avenger and support them in their fight against the evil Ultron in “Avengers Battle of Ultron”, Fly your own Quinjet and ride on the wind in “Avengers Flight of the Quinjets”, See Hulk smash stuff in a one of a kind 360-Degree stereoscopic 3D cinema dome and Sling through spider-man’s city and watch him battle his nemesis Doctor Octopus.

After having all this fun it’s time to dine Avenger Style at tony stark’s Skydeck. Other than that there are also other restaurants like Chang’s Golden Dragon, Mama Scano’s Of Yancy Street and Downtown Shawarma.

You can also buy souvenirs and other exciting products related to the Marvel Universe. You can buy shirts, bags, toys, gadgets and comics and much more from the shops in this place. Some of the shops that you will find here are Empire News and comics, Avengers Exchange, Epsilon Command, Daily Bugle company store and much more.

Cartoon Network

Now it’s time to cartoon up thing a bit. Fight alongside Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup and save Townsville from Mojo Jojo in “The Powerpuff Girls – Mojo Jojo’s Rampage”. Become a Plumber and team up with Ben 10 to fight against the evil Huntsman in “Ben 10 5D hero time”. Meet Fin and Jake and go on an epic adventure on “Adventure Time - The ride of OOO with Fin and Jake”, Go to lazy town and have a great time there.

The most popular CN themed restaurants that you can find here are CN Feast, Mr. Smoothie, Richard’s Around the World Café and Fin and Jake’s – Everything Burrito.

The best part about shopping at CN store is that you can find the classic CN cartoons toys and souvenirs here. Some of the most visited stores here are Ben 10 Universe, The amazing world of Gumball store and the Cartoon Network Classics store.

The lost Valley

The lost valley is themed in the prehistoric era when dinosaurs lived on the earth. The best rides to go on in this section are The Velociraptor, The forbidden territory, Dino Carousel and Adventure fortress.

This section has restaurants with a touch of elegance. The 360 Express and Spice valley are a must visit.

Shop prehistoric items in the shops in this area, the explorers supply and Raptors Outpost are the best shops to buy souvenirs from.

Img Boulevard

Last but not the least Img Boulevard is also quite famous but for its Haunted Hotel. It’s definitely goanna give you nightmares. The famous restaurants include Flavours of Arab, Pop Corn Factory and The Coffee house. There is also a store located here and is full of spooky and weird things that will definitely give you a laugh.

Only For 210 AED.

Only For 210 AED.